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Jamaicans Remember Your One Love Birthright During Independence Celebrations


ONE LOVE JAMAICA ON YOUR 57TH INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY. It is time to be truly independent of colonial and post-colonial ideologies and to emancipate ourselves in new enlightened positive values and attitudes, thoughts, words and deeds. Let us unify around preserving our culture and heritage, our indigenous peoples, flora and fauna and bio-diversity of our protected areas

Reggae Icon, Bob Marley sang the Mantra "One Love, Let's Get Together and Feel Alright." He continued "I'm pleadin to mankind - One Love, Oh, Lord, One heart. Give thanks & praise to the Lord and I will feel alright. Let's get together and Feel alright." 

Have we forgotten the meaning of One Love? It is Jamaica's Conscious Lifestyle of Universal Love, Forgiveness and Universal Brotherhood birthed by Rastafari.

Let us return to applying One Love in our homes, in the street, in our offices where ever in the world Jamaians find themselves.

One of our indigenous citizens needs our support. He is CHANGA CHANGA Rastafari Dub poet and Cultural icon who experienced on July13, 2019 human rights abuse by the hands of two Jamaican policemen in Montego Bay. They attempted to strip search the peace-loving, flower-wearing, animal-protecting and fruit-eating Indigenous Rastaman as he complied for a search of his pouch around his neck. He then took off his vest of woven banana fibers.However, when asked to remove his wrap covering his loins, he refused. For this he was manhandled, handcuffed and taken to jail. Released the same day, Changa Changa alerted this writer and other media professionals to come to his aid and demand Human Rights Protection by the Law for ALL JAMAICANS.

Changa Changa is appreciative of the mounting support within the Rastafari community, Media, family, friends and fans. He is asking everyone to sign the Petition put out by Rastafari Coral Gardens Benevolent Society. The Petition calls for the Case to be Thrown Out of Court. Link soon to be displayed here.

In addition, he asks why is he being targeted as a law abiding, peaceful, citizen of Jamaica whose image and intellectual property is used by the Jamaica Tourist Board and others without compensation or permission. He says all Jamaicans should speak up to protect their human rights. Make your voices heard in protest or write to the Media. Changa Changa faces the Petty Court on Friday, September 27, 2019 and is seeking the support of ALL peace-loving Jamaicans.

Changa Changa Supporters at Courthouse July 31

PHOTO CAPTION:Peaceful Supporters from all sectors: Rastafari, family & friends, fans and Media gather at the St James Parish Courthouse on July 31, 2019.

Supporters and others were searched on entry to the courthouse however, Changa Changa was not searched. I was patted down by a female security guard but Changa Changa was not searched. He later recounted "the security guard could not find anything to search". In fact, that was due to the design of the woven clothing without pockets and open vest. In the same regard, the judge beckoned him inside the courtroom with out any fanfare.

The question to be asked is: why did the Policemen request a strip search on the street and the court security did not upon entering the court of law?

Concerned citizens are requesting that the policemen be trained to respect ALL Jamaicans as they do foreigners and do the community policing that will allow them to know who lives within the communities they police.

Sister Nanny, Human Rights Advocate and Leader of the Rastafari Coral Gardens Benevolent Society is calling for an education campaign on the lifestyle of Rastafari and to stop targeting of Rasta as criminals. She said the Coral Gardens Massacre served to prevent Targeting and Harassment or Persecution of Rastafari in Jamaica in this day and time.

May ALL citizens love and respect our Rastafari brothers and sisters who are part and parcel, a fibre, interwoven into this Nation. May we live the truth of our own Motto: Out of many, ONE PEOPLE. ONE LOVE ON OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY August 6, 2019.

CHanga Changa in front of Court House

Photo Caption: Lf to Rt. Oshun, Patricia, Changa Changa, Christopher,Collin, Clifton Imawni share One Love in
front of Courthouse.
Source: Sharon Oshun Parris-CHambers
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