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Marcus Garvey Restoration Project will Soon be a Reality


Editor's Commentary: Caribnewsroom (PositiveTourism) recommends that the Ministry of Culture, Gender Affairs and Sports hold Town Hall sessions in the Ocho Rios Community to properly educate the community and share responses from Garveyites from across the world who would support the building of such a museum to honor our First National Hero and Saint, revered across the globe. The benefits to the community should be stressed and the persons who would be relocated should be reassured that they will be honored and properly compensated.



Minister of Culture , Gender Affairs and Sports,  Hon Olivia Grange says she and the Ministry are doing their best to have residents of 32 Marcus Garvey Way, in St Ann’s Bay, re-settled in an appropriate location soon.

Thirty Two Marcus Garvey Way is the officially established birth place of Jamaica’s first National Hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.                                                

The Minister said that plan will soon be a reality. Hon Olivia Grange was responding to questions from IRIE FM News regarding plans by the Government to acquire the property, re-locate the occupants and re-develop the land in honour of  Garvey.

The Minister Grange stated that the Ministry had identified a property in Ocho Rios, about seven miles from St. Ann’s Bay, which had separate apartments, suitable to house the current residents, who are owners of the Garvey property in St Ann’s Bay.

Minister Grange  said that the government was presently finalizing the purchase of the property in Ocho Rios.

At the same time, she said that she was waiting for a response from the lawyer representing the residents.

Previously, the Minister said she wrote to the lawyer to have a meeting on the matter but that he was yet to reply.

In the meantime, one of the owners of the property, Colleen Johnson said she and the other occupants were unaware of what was taking place at their property.  She was also opposed to being re-located to Ocho Rios, claiming that her son attended Ferncourt High School, which was convenient for her family, and that relocating to Ocho Rios would only disrupt her life.

Miss Johnson admitted to retaining the services of an Attorney, and said that with the information from the Minister,  she would be going back to see her lawyer for a follow up on the matter. She remained  opposed to re-locating from St Ann’s Bay to Ocho Rios.

It was reported that a Museum would be built at 32 Marcus Garvey Way, cataloging the life of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jamaica’s First National Hero. The Museum should also attract many visitors from all over the world to see the birth place of, and learn more about,  this iconic son of Africa, born on the Caribbean Island, and whose vision, love for freedom,  and his Pan-African teaching inspired, enlightened and changed the lives of millions in the Americas, Africa and other parts of the world.

Theo Joomaay

CAPTION: Theo Chambers, Chairman, Publisher, Caribnewsroom (PanaCarib) and Joomay Faye, Deputy Coordinator, 
Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) on a visit to the birthplace of Rt. Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey in St Ann's Bay
on the eve of the celebration of the Marcus Garvey Festival produced by IRIE FM Radio.








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