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"Humanity and I are a microcosm of the universe"

"Humanity and I are a microcosm of the universe"

QUOTE: "Humanity and I are a microcosm of the universe"

Moving from Darwin's theory "Survival of the Fittest" (1859) which positions organisms to compete against each other for survival.When will humanity emerge from the 'rat race' in search of planetary healing? Will mankind prevent self-destruction from over use of fossil fuels impacting climate change and environmental degradation? Will mankind cease its predatory behavior, which is leading to his own extinction before it is too late?

There is a conscious shift on the earth planet towards spiritual healing. Do you feel it? It is time that you become a part of this planetary shift of consciousness which moves the proverbial pendulum back from Pain and Suffering to Peace and Love.

Will you join the Transformational change that is sweeping the planet? Be a part of this shift in consciousness and help transform our Mother, Gaia, to her pristine paradise state.


Create a group of conscious-minded individuals working as a team to transform neighborhoods, communities, nations, beaches, oceans, forests, dumps, etc. into beautiful ecological masterpieces.

Affirmation: I AM in solidarity with Gaia and humanity.

(Repeat often)

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