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African Diaspora World Tourism Awards & Travel Expo 2016

African Diaspora World Tourism Awards & Travel Expo 2016

The African Diaspora World Tourism (ADWT) Awards and Travel Expo, will once again take place on AUGUST 26-28TH, 2016 in Atlanta, Ga. (USA) at the Westin Atlanta Airport (4736 Best Road). After the success of the inaugural awards that was attended by people from around the world, the prestigious ADWT-Awards event will again be presented by African Diaspora Tourism with publisher Kitty J. Pope as the founder/director and executive producer of the historical event.

Co-presenter is the Dr. Babs Onabanjo, Co-founder and CEO of the AD King Foundation, and Rev. Dr. Eugene Franklin, founder/president and CEO of the Pan African Cultural Heritage Initiative. Lou D'Amore, founder/CEO of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is also partnering to help with the 2016 ADWT-Awards and Travel Expo.

Like the inaugural awards event, the 2016 week-end event will include the awards gala, cultural entertainment, a Hall of Fame Luncheon and the Travel Expo. In addition, this year's ADWT-Awards event will feature three new components where event attendees can learn more about black cultural heritage tourism and also African culture.

A new component to the ADWT-Awards event this year is the Pan African Cultural Heritage Tourism Forum which is being presented Rev. Eugene Franklin, who also established the National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center. Ushering in the "Modern-Day Pan African American Cultural Tourism Movement," Rev. Franklin's goal is to bring the black cultural heritage tourism industry together in such a way that will move those involved to the next level. His initiative also includes the African Diaspora traveling to Africa to learn about the cultural heritage.

Also new to the awards event week-end is the "African Royalty Presentation" which will be the introducing of Kings, Queens and other African Royal figures from several African countries. Another feature presentation at the awards event that is new this year is the "Parade of Flags." This will be a procession at the opening reception where representatives from various countries of Africa and the Diaspora will carry their nation's flag. This historical processions of African Royalty and the Parade of Flags are very significant in that the United Nations has declared this to be International Decade of People of African Descent. The award event including the new components are also meant to serve as a symbol of the promotion of world peace and multiculturalism.

The 2016 ADWT- Awards & Travel Expo is proud to announce that there are two women leaders of royalty from Africa who will be supporting the ADWT-Awards event as International Honorary Chair Persons. They are Queen Best K. Olimi, the Mother Queen of the Tooro Kingdom of Uganda who is the daughter of Prince Mujuni of the Batuku clan, and Senator Princess Florence Ita-Giwa of Nigeria, who was raised in royalty as a princess and served as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 1992 until 2003.

These Royal dignitaries will come on board as honorary chairs to join the inaugural chairs Ms. Naomi King, sister-in-law of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and co-founder of the AD King Foundation, and an international humanitarian Joe Beasley who is founder of the Joe Beasley Foundation.

Also serving as an international honorary Chair Persons for the 2016 ADWT-Awards event is Dr. Ewart Brown, the former Premier of Bermuda who was the recipient of the inaugural ADWT-Awards Person of the Year for his leadership in igniting the concept of African Diaspora Heritage Trails as a tourism product. Also supporting the 2016 ADWT-Awards as international honorary chair persons are the IIPT president Lou D'Amore and National Museum Liverpool Director Dr. David Fleming.

The 2016 ADWT-Awards & Travel Expo guarantees something for everyone who is interested in black cultural heritage tourism. For more information, visit ADWT-Awards.com. You may contact Kitty J. Pope at (678)499-6562 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Dr. Babs Onabanjo at (770) 873-9265 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Rev. Dr. Eugene Franklin at (850) 525-7916 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Abbey Beecroft: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 678-437-2360.

About 2016 ADWT-Awards Presenters:

AfricanDiasporaTourism.com - (Founder / Publisher Kitty J. Pope)

ADKingFoundation.com - (President / CEO Dr. Babs Onabanjo)

NCHTC.com - (Founder / President / Chair Rev. Eugene Franklin)

IIPT.com – (Founder / President Lou D'Amore)


SOURCE: AfricanDiasporaTourism.com

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